You are welcome to experiencing inner peace
at Yoga Nature Village!

At Yoga Nature Village you will awake to the chirping of birds, you will meditate through the serenity of a beautiful sunrise, and as the day grows warmer you move, bend and free your body further. Living in the moment, in this escape from all your worldly affairs, enables your mind and body to come to a place of peace and rest.

sunset yoga at nature village

What courses are available at Yoga Nature Village?

While this project is a work-in-progress, we have been asked by visiting guests to offer any course that is possible. It gives us pleasure to announce that our facility will be open for camping yoga! Please see details for Camping Yoga courses that are in operation. (See daily routine)

  1. Camping Yogic Cleansing & Stretching (1day/2nights) *starts every Saturday

    This is one of the short packages for travelers to introduce oneself into yoga and meditation in the middle of nature, faraway from all the city pollutions and crowds of people.

  2. Camping Yoga & Meditation (4days/5nights) *starts every Monday

    This is an absolute introduction to yoga and meditation for beginners and additional experiences for advanced participants in a completely isolated location of Pokhara Valley.

hatha yoga

Features & Benefits
What to expect with us?

  • Unspoilt and pure forest space
  • Experience a yogic, family environment in Nepal
  • De-stress, relieve any digestive problems and reduce obesity
  • Relieve long-term depression and fatigue
  • Relax, rejuvenate and refresh the body and mind
  • Improve clarity of mind
  • Enjoy youthful health once again!

Important Information
Please read before you visit us!

What to bring?

  • Torch light
  • Hiking shoes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Yoga Mat

Getting to our centre

  • You will first arrive at Sadhana Yoga building arround 3pm
  • From Sadhana it is 45mins walk uphill to reach Yoga Nature Village

Please note:

  • Our facility spread in 2 acres contains semi-finished buildings.
  • There is no electricity available. You will not be able to charge your electronic devices during your stay.
  • We use solar energy for lighting.
  • All meals are prepared with help of woodfire.
  • Our facility is alcohol and smoke free.
  • Yoga Nature Village is a communication free zone. Away from mobile, tab, laptop, you spend much time observing the nature outside and the nature within; appreciating it and feling alive.
yoga nature village